R80: Redefining RFID UHF Reading with Impinj and Iridium Technology

Introducing the R80, a groundbreaking RFID UHF integrated reader that redefines the boundaries of RFID technology. Engineered with precision and innovation, the R80 seamlessly combines the high-performance capabilities of Impinj with the robust global connectivity of the Iridium network, unlocking new levels of operational efficiency and data reliability.

Robust Performance and Unmatched Efficiency

Superior Coverage
The R80’s dual-port antenna system is designed to deliver unparalleled coverage, ensuring that no items go untracked, even in high-volume and fast-paced environments.
Capture Speed
With the ability to capture up to 1,000 tags per second, the R80 sets new standards in RFID data accuracy and reliability, seamlessly adapting to the most demanding operational requirements.
Uncompromising Efficiency
The R80 is the culmination of our innovative efforts, merging cutting-edge Impinj technology with the global reach of the Iridium network to create a solution that pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in RFID.

Seamless IoT Integration and Enhanced Data Management

IoT-Ready Connectivity
Designed with the Internet of Things at its core, the R80 offers seamless integration and smart device management, transforming data into actionable insights that empower your operations.
Robust Data Reliability
The R80's generous internal storage ensures that your critical data is recorded and preserved, even in the most demanding situations, safeguarding against network disruptions and data loss.
Continuous Information Flow
The R80's IoT-ready capabilities provide a constant stream of information, enabling analytics and informed decision-making to drive your business forward in an increasingly connected world.

Applications of the R80: Unlocking New Possibilities

Wildlife Tracking
The Iridium 9602 module within the R80 facilitates the tracking of animal movements, enabling researchers to gather vital data on migration patterns and habitat use, even in the most remote and inaccessible regions.
Maritime Vessel Monitoring
The Iridium 9602 provides constant contact and monitoring of ships worldwide, crucial for navigation, safety, and logistical operations in the maritime industry, ensuring vessels can be tracked and managed efficiently.
Remote Sensing
The Iridium 9602 allows for the transmission of environmental data from uninhabited and inaccessible regions, supporting critical scientific endeavors, such as climate research and natural disaster monitoring.
Emergency Response
The Iridium 9602 provides reliable communication support for emergency responders in off-grid locations, crucial for coordinating rescue operations and disaster management when traditional networks are unavailable.

R80: Transforming Cattle Ranching

Real-time Livestock Tracking
The Iridium 9602 module within the R80 enables ranchers to track the health and precise location of their cattle in real-time, regardless of the size or remoteness of their operation, ensuring timely veterinary care and effective disease management.
Rapid Response to Challenges
With the Iridium 9602, ranchers can quickly respond to any operational challenges, such as breaches in fencing or health emergencies, ensuring that they can address issues swiftly and effectively, even in remote areas.
Enhanced Operational Efficiency
By integrating the Iridium 9602 module, ranches can see a significant reduction in operational risks and costs, while also improving herd management and productivity, making them more profitable and sustainable in the long run.

Technical Specifications for Seamless Integration

Electrical Specifications
Air Interface Protocol EPCglobal UHF Class 1 Gen 2
Transmit Power 31 dBm
Max Receive Sensitivity -81 dBm
Frequency Band EU 865 - 867 MHz
Max Output Power 29 dBm
Max Read Distance 10 meters
Connectivity Ethernet, WiFi 2.5GHz, RS485
Data Protocols HTTP, TCP/IP, MQTT, Azure
GPIO 3 ports
Power Source Passive PoE, External 12VDC
Antenna Ports Integrated Antenna
Dimensions 12.6 x 9.45 x 1.18 inches
Weight 500 grams