POS Device

Revolutionize Your Retail Checkout with Our Smart POS Device

Introducing our cutting-edge POS device that seamlessly combines advanced RFID technology and a magnetic tag detacher, transforming the checkout experience for both customers and retailers. This BIS and CE certified device is designed to enhance efficiency, security, and connectivity in a wide range of retail environments, from fashion outlets to libraries and events.

Key Features that Elevate Your POS Experience

Integrated Magnetic Tag Detacher
Streamline the checkout process by integrating RFID reading and tag deactivation into one seamless step, improving customer experience and boosting throughput at points of sale.
Integrated Magnetic Tag Detacher
Precisely read one RFID tag at a time, ensuring accurate item identification and billing, which is crucial for preventing checkout errors and inventory discrepancies.
Connect the POS device with other IoT devices and systems, enabling real-time data sharing and analytics to support enhanced inventory management and improved customer service.

Advantages of Integrating Our Smart POS Device

Enhanced Checkout Efficiency
Reduce the time customers spend at the checkout counter by integrating tag reading and detaching in one seamless action, improving the overall retail experience.
Improved Security
The integrated detacher reduces the risk of theft by ensuring that all purchased items are properly deactivated before leaving the store, providing an additional layer of protection.
Increased Accuracy
Ensure each item is correctly identified and billed, reducing errors and preventing loss due to mismanagement, ultimately enhancing inventory control.
Easily integrate the POS device into any size of retail operation and scale to accommodate growth and additional functionality as needed, making it a future-proof solution.

Applications for Versatile Retail Solutions

Retail Stores
Libraries and Bookstores
Event Management
From fashion outlets to supermarkets, our POS device enhances the checkout experience by ensuring fast and efficient processing of purchases.
Streamline the checkout and return processes, making it quick and easy for patrons and staff.
Ideal for managing entry and sales at events, providing quick access control and merchandise sales capabilities in one device.

Unlock the Future of Retail with Our Smart POS Device

Enhanced Efficiency
Streamline your checkout process with the integrated tag detacher, reducing customer wait times and improving overall operational efficiency.
Increased Accuracy
Ensure accurate item identification and billing, minimizing errors and preventing inventory discrepancies for better business management.
Improved Security
Safeguard your retail environment by automatically deactivating tags on purchased items, deterring theft and enhancing loss prevention.
Scalable Connectivity
Seamlessly integrate the POS device into your existing retail systems and leverage IoT capabilities for real-time data insights, supporting your business growth and adaptability.

Technical Specifications for Seamless Integration

Electrical Specifications
Air Interface Protocol EPC Global UHF Class 1 Gen 2
Frequency Range EU 865 – 867 MHz
Max Transmit Power 29 dBm
Max Receive Sensitivity -79 dBm
EPC Max Read Distance 15 meters
Connectivity Ethernet, Wi-Fi 2.5GHz, RS485
Data Protocols HTTP, TCP/IP, MQTT, Azure
GPIO 3 Ports
Power Source Passive PoE, 12VDC
Antenna Ports Integrated Antenna
Dimensions 12.6 x 9.45 x 1.18 cm
Weight 400 grams